Friday, September 7, 2012

USS Mississippi (BB-23) Model

USS Mississippi (BB-23)
Building the Battleship for the Mississippi Department of Archives & History


All four U. S. Navy ships named for Mississippi were built for the Mississippi Department of Archives & History.  They are 39 inches in length (so four different scales) and scratchbuilt plank-on-frame.  The models are on  display in the Senate Chamber of the Old State Capitol in Jackson, Mississippi.  Read more here:

USS Mississippi (Steam Frigate), 1841-1863, modeled as she appeared when commissioned in 1841.
USS Mississippi (BB-23), 1908-1914, modeled as she appeared in 1914 at Vera Cruz.
USS Mississippi (BB-41), 1917-1956, modeled as she appeared in January, 1945 at Lingayen Gulf.
USS Mississippi (CGN-40), 1978-1997, modeled as she appeared in 1991 during Desert Storm.


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