Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Artwork of Chuck Vadun

The Artwork of Chuck Vadun
This page contains some cartoons, sketches, and scribblings by Chuck.  The first, the "taking a pounding" cartoon, was drawn for my old Attack Columns newsletter.  The last, the French General, Chuck drew for me on a piece of scratch paper in about two minutes one day while we were just sitting around.  The rest of the drawings are from one of Chuck's notebooks and were given to me by a mutual friend a few years ago.  I still have all of the originals and they are among my most prized possessions.  Enjoy.

This cartoon is based on a real event.  That's Rick on the left, Chuck in the center and me on the right.  Chuck with his Italians and me with my French had taken on Rick's Prussians.  During the game, Chuck had the most incredible luck rolling dice that I have ever seen.  Rick was not amused.

Prussian Infantry under heavy fire.

Ideas for basing French Light Infantry.
Spanish Dragoon

Spanish Artilleryman
Spanish Heavy Cavalry Trooper
Spanish Lancer
Spanish Light Infantryman
French Light Infantryman
French Line Infantry Skirmisher
French Dragoon
French Light Infantry in Campaign Dress
Impossible Odds
French Line Infantry
French Line Infantry Command
French General of Division

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